We have created high-quality, customised IT training programmes that allow you to study whenever and wherever you want, on any device or location. We structure our courses to engage students using online training methods. Professional instructional designers carefully structure the course and the pace of learning to be in sync with the learner. We strive to improve students’ learning experiences by providing them with extensive theoretical and practical exposure. We empower students to tackle the various challenges they face in the growing IT field today. This gives them the confidence to handle projects with ease while also enhancing their skills.


Kalyan IT offers the most effective offline training options. We choose quality instructors who have worked with large overseas clients to give you international experience and exposure to techniques and methodologies in IT. We foster a holistic and friendly environment that gives our students hands-on practise using simulated projects that test their ability to handle real-world scenarios.
We also encourage students to develop various types of interpersonal skills during the training phase, which makes them competent in their subject and boosts their confidence. We also enhance the technical and managerial qualities of our candidates during their training sessions with us.


Kalyan IT specialises in customised corporate training programmes for our esteemed clients. We fill the knowledge gap while enhancing the organization’s capabilities for upskilling. We offer wide-ranging cross-platform training that helps our clients be on the cutting edge of technology and enhances their skill sets and motivation levels to make them seasoned professionals in the industry. We can also offer tailor-made courses based on client requirements for a better client experience.


Kalyan IT offers you short-term internship programmes that are offered to you by various international multinational corporations. We build the confidence of the intern by giving them industry projects that offer real-time exposure and skill enhancement. We have tie-ups with various corporations that absorb our interns for internships and churn out high-quality candidates who are ready to face the market. This gives students a solid platform to kick-start their career on various industry platforms.

Kalyan IT Hub Advantages

We offer you timely course completion in a professional manner. We budget training time in a holistic manner to ensure a balance between theory and practical aspects. This approach ensures on-time course completion.

Kalyan IT has the latest, best-in-class infrastructure, which includes state-of-the art comptures digital laboratories and classrooms that give the learner an effective learning experience. We continue to upgrade our infrastructure to keep it in line with industry standards.

Kalyan IT has a team of dedicated experts who give you various free demo sessions to suit your needs. These sessions clear the air about our programmes and enhance the students' clarity on the course in every aspect.

Our holistic blended approach gives you a dynamic mix of various techniques and technologies to solve your challenges in the industry when they are deployed after our trainings. We ensure that our students become professionals in any software skillset they choose to learn to get them industry-ready.